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By Jeff MacKinnon

This is my NAS Hosted Homepage

There will be interesting things here, sometime

I hope.

What is this place

Posted by Jeff M

This is the NAS Hosted Homepage of Jeff

This is younger Jeff

I'm not a fan of the cloud, rather I like the fog. The fog is like the cloud but doesn't use someone else's computers.

This site is my attempt at taking my homepage to the fog. My current homepage is hosted on someone else's computers, and they are great guys so they will continue to host my personal email and anything that I want to be very reliable (like my business site), but my personal page is likely going to transfer here over time.

This site will NOT have a database and will be as simple as I can make it. Why is the background pink? Well that's because my oldest reminds me a couple times a day that pink is my favourite colour.

What is going to be on this page/site?

Many moons ago I used to know how to program in php, C++, SQL, etc. I don't have a lot of skills in that anymore and I would like to hone them before jumping into other languages that I want to get proficient in. This site is likely to be a mix of what I slemdomly post on, in fact if this goes well I will probably make this my main and only home on the internet.

There are a bunch of reasons that I am making what is essentially a custom CMS for this process. The main reason for this is that what I want to do with this site is extrememly simple. With wordpress, if you don't keep it constantly updated there are automated attacks that will deface at best and lock down with ransomware at worse. By not having a database, and having a very simple setup, I only have to be aware of exploits in PHP and the webserer themselves. There is no database, etc.

Also, since it is custom, it will never be profitable for someone to "hack" this single site with some pasic PHP included.

Over time I'm sure this will expand, and I will automate some things, but the truth is that I rarely write anything and maybe this place will be a site for cat pictures. I do want to spend some time making the resizing of pictures work "nicely" and also make the site mobile responsive, but that is realively straightforward and just "learning" the CSS.


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